Thoughts & Teachings

Dan Goldfarb

On behalf of my wife, Renée, and our sons, Micah and Joshua, I wanted to share how pleased we are to have found Chizuk Amuno as our family’s congregation. We joined as new members this past summer, and since then, we have thoroughly enjoyed new member gatherings, Shabbat and holiday services, adult education discussions, and more. Our sons rave about their Rosenbloom religious school classes and the Youth activities as well.

I would like to take a minute to share our family’s experience with the Torah Writing project.

By way of background, when I was around Bar Mitzvah age, I recall taking a Hebrew school class trip to New York’s Lower East Side. During free time, my friend and I walked down the street past a small building’s open doorway. We looked inside and saw a Sofer sitting at a table while in the process of writing a Torah. The Sofer looked up, saw us, and invited us to come inside to watch as he wrote a few words. While I remember enjoying that overall trip, my fondest recollection from that entire day was that we stumbled upon viewing a Torah being written.

Flash forward to our day participating in the Torah Writing Project, and I realized that I was in a similar situation – standing next to a Sofer at a table in front of a Torah scroll – but this time as a married adult with my wife and our children. I found that fulfilling the last of the 613 mitzvot by actively helping to write a letter of the Torah alongside my own family – to be a very emotional and rewarding experience. As our son Micah later told us, “It was so special because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

We want to express our appreciation to the synagogue’s clergy, professional staff, and volunteers, whose hard work made that event so meaningful to our entire family:
•    From the introductory discussion with Rabbi Shulman that wonderfully framed the occasion,
•    to learning with the Sofer, Rabbi Druin, about the letter that our family would write together,
•    to capturing the moment in a photograph mounted onto a plaque commemorating this event,
•    to preparing our family’s prayer for inclusion in the compilation along with the hundreds of prayers provided by fellow Project participants.

On behalf of my entire family, we plan to participate in many upcoming programs and events and to celebrate our future simchot at Chizuk Amuno, and we look forward to hearing the words read from our congregation’s new Torah for generations to follow.