Prayer Wall

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Inspired by the Jewish custom of placing notes in the Western Wall in Jerusalem, this wall is intended to be a sacred space for the sharing of personal prayers. You are welcome to post as many prayers as you like. We also hope that reading others’ thoughts will put you in the mindset of prayer.

Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur remind us. We are humble and vulnerable in life. Filled with desires and dreams, expectations and emotions, no one of us knows our future. Honestly, ours are cares and concerns that in the larger world people live in dignity and find peace. Purely, ours are prayers and hopes that our days be long and our lives good. In prayer and reflection we ask and strive to answer. Who are we in relation to one another? Who are we in relation to our visions of self? Who are we in relation to God?

-Preparing for the High Holy Days

We pray for peace. Short of peace, we pray for calm. We lament that the promise of peace for Israel and her neighbors is not yet fulfilled. We stand in solidarity and hope with the people of Israel, for we and they are family, their story ours. We pray, too, that our Diaspora lives provide support to all the citizens of Israel. With Israel, we grieve the loss, pain, and human suffering in this war. We feel it for each of the 64 Israel Defense Force soldiers killed and the many wounded, for their families, for the 3 Israelis civilians killed, and for all in Gaza who mourn their losses of children and loved ones. We regret the circumstances that compelled Israel to fight. The world sees suffering without a context of who’s who and why there’s a struggle. We do not. Still, we seek to uphold our vision of goodness overcoming terror’s evil and respect for people replacing hatred. God, our prayer seeks blessing for the State of Israel, and for the whole of the Jewish people. May the day soon come that the land will know peace and there will be fullness of joy for all who live there. If not yet peace, may this hope be our comfort. Amen.

-Prayer for Israel

During this summer season, we are grateful for nature’s vibrant feel and the warmth it brings our spirits. We celebrate the rhythms and seasons of life, marveling at a world so vast and beautiful. May our summer days bring us productivity and pleasure. May our summer nights bring us calm and restoration. Blessed is God, Oseh ma’aseh b’reishit. We praise God, for the wonders of creation.

-Summer Warmth

Prayerful wonder: how could life in this grand and glorious world be worthy of its beauty and mystery if who we are is of little consequence? We need this awareness. Created in God's image, who we are matters. What we do matters. How we do it matters, too.

-Who We Are Matters

We give thanks for the great wonder of God’s creation, for the earth, the stars, the sun and the moon, and for the beauty of your universe with which we are blessed. We are thankful our lives, for the brilliant moments of joy which allow us to soar as the birds, and even for the anguish and pain which somehow seem to precipitate inner growth and change. For all these things, God, we are grateful. Especially, we give thanks for being human beings, blessed, among all the fruits of God’s creation, with minds to reason and seek truth and justice; with souls which can feel pain, ecstasy and compassion, and for the freedom to choose life and goodness over cruelty and destruction; and for our hearts which can love and care and reach out to touch the hearts of our brothers and sisters as together we walk through the years of our lives. -Siddur Vetaher Libenu, adapted

-Thankful for Life

We pray that the State of Israel, the dawn of our people's redemption, experience security and peace. May the light of our tradition's ideals guide Israel's people and leaders. May those who defend our people's historic homeland find strength, courage, and humanity in their task. May Israel and her neighbors know peace. Amen.

-Prayer for the State of Israel

May we see on every day what we usually don't. May we find the goodness and purpose we seek in our daily efforts. May God's presence sustain us when we struggle and humble us when we rejoice. What we miss today, may we see tomorrow.


Joined in community on Shabbat, we come before God’s presence in prayer and reflection, and for celebration. We seek joy and goodness, as we bring to mind the circumstances of our lives and the condition of our world.

We know that our happiness is greater when shared with others. Our troubles seem smaller when shared with others, as well.  May we never be too selfish to give, nor too proud to receive, for in giving and receiving we discover God.

Celebrating Shabbat motivates us to fill our days with deeper awareness and gratitude, thankful for the blessings of our lives and grateful for the challenges we face.

-Shabbat Community

I pray to be able overcome disappointment. I pray to accomplish something new. I'm thankful to family and friends for their support, and grateful to God for the promise of a new beginning at this Passover season. Amen.