Cantor's Corner

A Welcome Message from the Hazzan

Beginning in 1871, Chizuk Amuno Congregation, Baltimore, Maryland established a continuing legacy of maintaining the highest commitment to the religious music that accompanies its worship services. It has a tradition of musical leadership. I am blessed to serve as Chizuk Amuno's 7th Hazzan and I keep close to my heart the knowledge that the founders and board members of Chizuk Amuno have always demanded that quality be the yardstick of success. Through the talents of our Choir Director, T. Herbert Dimmock; our own dedicated weekly Shabbat and Holiday Choir, and our record producer and music committee chairman, Jeremy Swerling, great choral music of our Worship Services will thrive.

Jewish music is linked with ancient tradition. Liturgical selections and Psalms recited during religious services have been traced to the days of the original Temple in Jerusalem. It is the role of the trained Hazzan to not only interpret the ancient words and imbue them with new life but to reach into the hearts of their congregants to "feel" the "newness" in words uttered by their ancestors.

Music at Chizuk Amuno

Music is central to services at Chizuk Amuno. Under the leadership of Hazzan Emanuel Perlman, we strive to balance different melodies and musical styles. Sometimes we want joyful singing and inspirational music. Other times we want evocative and emotional music. Our congregational, solo, and choral singing blends nusah (traditional modes) with contemporary melodies, and honors our synagogue's musical tradition.


Much like the ritual order and familiar words of prayer, its melodies focus our minds. The sounds bring our thoughts and hearts into the present moment. That is why familiarity with melody is so important.

As a new member, a visitor, or someone returning to services, you are invited to familiarize yourself with the traditional sounds of prayer at Chizuk Amuno.

Hazzan Perlman Celebrates Chizuk Amuno's Music

An accomplished vocal artist, Hazzan Perlman has made a number of recordings. "Spiritual Ambrosia," with Dr. Joseph Downing, has been called "a stunning compilation of rising and falling vocals" that have a "profound effect on the human soul." It is available on iTunes.

His CD "Face to Face" includes music from the High Holy Days, Friday Night services, Shabbat Morning services, Yizkor, prayers for healing, and more. You can purchase the CD at the Sisterhood Judaica Shop. To purchase the CD by mail, send $18 per disc and $2.50 per order to: Judaica Shop, Chizuk Amuno Congregation, 8100 Stevenson Road, Baltimore, MD  21208.

Click the following links to hear excerpts from "Face to Face":


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