Susan Vick

Susan Vick

Goldsmith Museum Curator

September 1, 2010

Silver Polishing Time

It’s silver polishing time at Chizuk Amuno – silver in the museum cases, Torah silver from all over the building, and silver pieces brought in by congregants to be polished as part of our annual Holiday Sparkle fundraiser.

Do you know how when you clean your house for Pesah, you might also have in mind cleaning up the spiritual equivalent of hamatz from your own life? When cleaning silver before Rosh Hashanah, I make a similar parallel: I think about what I can do to make my world sparkle – to whom should I extend a special kindness, where should I give my tzedakah, with what kinds of joy and beauty can I surround myself at this time of year.

The large amount of polishing we do just before Rosh Hashanah each year requires many hands, and so all silver pieces are treated with TLC by me and a small band of museum committee volunteers. We have elevated museum-quality silver polishing to an art form: I train all volunteers on the process, and we are very careful to adhere to museum standards. Volunteers this year included Margy Moranz, Dr. Ron Goldner and Florene Goldner, and Mickey Simon. Their dedication to getting the job done right is much appreciated.

Some tips for polishing at home: use a mild cleaner, such as the 3-M product called TarniShield, with cotton balls or a soft, cotton cloth; don’t attempt to make your silver look like new by cleaning out all of the black tarnish that accumulates in the small spaces; and store your polished silver in Reynolds turkey basting bags (don’t ask).

All through the holiday season, we will have volunteers available to polish your silver for a donation to the museum. Just contact me at extension 291 or at c3ZpY2tAY2hpenVrYW11bm8ub3Jn to make arrangements.

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