July 27, 2015

We will be installing the new synagogue phone system this week so you may experience an occasional non-working phone line for a minute or two during the cutover. Apologies in advance. If you are experiencing a telephone problem, please wait five minutes then try again.



On Belonging

As members of Chizuk Amuno, we find strength, sustenance, and growth in the collective. At the same time, every individual here has different points of contact with our community. Parents of young children, teenagers, seniors, interfaith couples, gay and lesbian Jews, new members, and fifth-generation families all have multiple avenues for participation. Members find meaning through worship, learning, and volunteering in the synagogue and beyond our walls. Whichever path you walk, as a member of Chizuk Amuno, you belong here.

To become a member of Chizuk Amuno Congregation, please complete and return the application. For more information, contact Director of Communication and Member Services Cheryl Snyderman by e-mail at Y3NueWRlcm1hbkBjaGl6dWthbXVuby5vcmc= or by phone at 410-486-6400, ext. 300.

Links to Information About Life Cycle Events

Brit Milah or Simhat Bat

Bar or Bat Mitzvah




Death, Burial, Mourning, and Unveiling