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8100 Stevenson Rd., Baltimore, MD 21208 | Phone: 410-486-6400 |

Chizuk Amuno Congregation

The Goldsmith Museum

Just outside the mahogany doors of the Chizuk Amuno sanctuary is a large carpeted hall. A transitional space, congregants pass through it to worship. Worshipers return here to celebrate Kiddush before returning to the world outside Chizuk Amuno.

The space is also transitional in another sense: It is home to the Goldsmith Museum. At this museum in a synagogue, congregants and visitors walk from case to case, transported from the present to the past and into thoughts of the future.

The Goldsmith Museum is the only museum in Baltimore devoted to Judaica. Chizuk Amuno Congregation is one of a handful of congregations in North America with a museum of its own.

Mission Statement

The Goldsmith Museum of Chizuk Amuno Congregation is a place of discovery and inspiration. The Museum strives to perpetuate Judaism through the medium of visual arts, to advance Jewish education, and to preserve the history of one of America’s oldest synagogues. Through museum exhibits and programming, the Goldsmith Museum aims to reinforce the timeless Jewish ideals of learning, worship, and acts of loving kindness in both the Jewish community and the wider world.

Visiting the Museum

A collection of items donated and collected over decades by Chizuk Amuno Congregation, the museum is for congregants and the community to learn from and enjoy. It is also meant for non-Jews interested in the history of Jewish Baltimore. Docent-led tours and programs for groups can be scheduled by calling Glenn Easton, at 410-486-6400.

Donating Objects

Our museum committee, chaired by Linda Katz, evaluates donated acquisitions. The committee maintains our beautiful museum and ensures that our collection remains current and fulfills our mission. Please contact Glenn Easton by calling 410-486-6400 for further information.