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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

May Our Lights Shine Brightly

On Hanukkah we kindle lights to dispel the darkness. We brighten our lives with hope and happiness, family and friends. We give of ourselves to cheer others. We rejoice in the miracles of faith and pride in our Jewish heritage.

Sharing all that we do in synagogue community and elsewhere we live and learn the light of Torah. Fulfilling the callings of our careers and occupations we radiate the light of our values and ideals. We honor our responsibilities toward others. We contribute of our time and resources to make a difference in our society and on behalf of the Jewish people. Individually and together, in all of these ways, we give off light to dispel the darkness too often present in our world.

Light is a potent symbol. Light often marks religious and personal occasions. Light represents our hopes. Light reflects our ideals. Light displays life’s energy. Light represents the presence of God.

Looking to make a dark world brighter, the Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah as a memory of faith and light. Honoring the memory of the Temple and its rededication, speaking of God’s presence and the pride of being Jewish, through ritual and light Hanukkah celebrates the goodness of our lives and our Jewish heritage.

On Hanukkah we express our heart’s dreams, the things we believe in, cherish, and for which we hope. Sit around your Hanukkiyah as the lights shine bright and talk about your values and ideals. I ask every child I meet during Hanukkah, “What did you give?” All of us can give of our inner light to others. We can all give our love and help, our hugs and smiles, our friendship and caring.

This Hanukkah may our lights shine brightly. May we celebrate the light of all that inspires us. May we kindle sparks of happiness, holiness, and gratitude. Increasing the light in our Hanukkah Menorahs each night of our holiday, may we also see more and more goodness, dignity, and peace for our world.

Hag Urim Sameah! Enjoy the Festival of Lights and the happiness of this season. Happy Hanukkah!