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What Can I Do?

Amidst the sadness and the terror and the fear, this is the question that people keep asking: What Can I Do? From here in Baltimore we cannot stop the rocket attacks but we want to do anything and everything that we can to support Israel.

Get educated –There is so much misinformation floating around that it is difficult to know the facts and be able to articulate them to others. A few helpful places for information about Israel are the IDF website , The Times of Israel, or the Israeli newspapers which you can read online in English. You can also follow the IDF on Facebook.

Give tzedakah – There are many places in Israel right now that would benefit from our tzedakah donations. Two in particular are Leket Israel, Israel’s National Food Bank and largest food rescue network (www. which is assisting 140,000 Israelis especially in the besieged South and the Lone Soldiers program through Masorti ( which assists soldiers like the two Americans killed in Gaza this week.

Be in touch with Israel – Your friends and family need to know that they are constantly on your minds and that you want to know what they are experiencing so that you can share their pain. Call them, email them, and send them care packages. The Talmud reminds us that we can only share in Jerusalem’s joys if we share in her sorrows as well.

Speak out – Speak out against lies, especially on the web. Israel is facing media attacks around the world. You can help by writing pro-Israel articles and comments in the printed media and online. See yourself as an ambassador for Israel.

Sign petitions – You can stand up for Israel’s right to defend her citizens by signing petitions for the White House. You can also thank the United States for the funding that provided Iron Dome and have saved countless lives.

Pray – Psalm 122 tells us to “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” include the prayer for the State of Israel in your personal prayers. Take few moments a day – in the evening, before dinner, when you wake and express your solidarity with Israel through prayer. You can find the texts prayer here.

Visit Israel – Among the most inspiring encounters I’ve had this week was a call from a Chizuk Amuno graduate who asked for assistance so she could make Aliyah to Israel! Since the conflict began more immigrants have arrived in Israel than have rockets. A beautiful demonstration of solidarity by the Jewish people. Not everyone can move to Israel, but everyone can visit Israel and plan a trip. Start thinking and planning now for your next visit.

Please share in the comments other ways that you and your family are supporting Israel right now.