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Thanksgiving Day Sales

While focused on more consequential things, a trivial item in the news caught my attention. It seems that some retail chains and stores are going to be open during limited hours on Thanksgiving Day. Offering special sales to attract seasonal shoppers.

According to these news reports, many employees aren’t too keen about this. They’re upset at losing one of the few and precious holiday opportunities they get to spend with family and friends.

We Americans don’t know how to celebrate holidays. We turn commemorations of gratitude and memory, occasions of history and heritage into days of sales extravaganzas and sports events. These are fun. They have their place. We all enjoy them.

Jewish tradition and culture remind us. True holidays change our focus, elevate our values, and bring us together with loved ones and community. They are different days than all the rest.

Thanksgiving is the American holiday with the greatest potential for sharing meaning and joy with family and friends. Let’s embrace it.

Don’t go shopping Thanksgiving Day. Wait, at least until Friday. Measure the quality of your life by more than the money you save. Your time and personal attention are the most precious and valuable gifts you can give your loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving!