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Uncommon Quake

Here in Baltimore we are grateful there was no major consequence as a result of an uncommon earthquake. We also anticipate a wet, stormy weekend as Hurricane Irene tracks toward us, hoping it doesn’t do much damage on the way. It seems that we often react to weather patterns we can’t direct.

Sitting at my desk yesterday when the earth quaked, I had to remember where I was. I don’t live and work in the Los Angeles area anymore! It’s unsettling when the ground beneath your feet rumbles. If this was your first experience, I hope it didn’t shake you up too much. I also hope any damage to your property and neighborhood was minimal.

In January 1994 I wrote a letter to my congregation after a major earthquake in Southern California. Back there and then, many of us had family and friends for whom that quake brought significant loss and trauma. We felt bound together by that event.

I my letter I stated, “We are vulnerable to so much. We live aware that so many things are beyond our ability or position to control. That’s why we also live in sync with our Jewish heritage. Judaism teaches that meaning and purpose in life are ours to control and protect everyday, in response to whatever surprises us or scares us.”

Yesterday’s earthquake rattled some nerves. That’s about all. Still, I remembered my message of 17 years ago and figured I’d dust it off and share it with you. Reminded of what we can’t control, it’s always good to remember what we can.