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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

Making Do

Around our Chizuk Amuno community this week’s refrain is, “It’s only power!” Other than widespread power outages, thankfully, we are unaware of more serious damage in our area following Hurricane Irene. Though frustrated by all we cannot do in our electronically and technologically dependent lives at home and work, we’re rediscovering the power of making do.

Imagine, I am writing these words with pen and paper before finding a wifi spot to upload them to the website. Our Day School and Preschool openings are delayed. Teachers and administrators creatively prepare in the dark while parents find new and old ways to let their children play. We’re all set for Shabbat services. We’ll enjoy being together in community for prayer and Torah study. We’ll celebrate as two of our students become B’nei Mitzvah, and there will be plenty to eat – with or without electricity (which some say is part of Shabbat’s charm every week.)

It’s a valuable reminder, even as it’s frustrating to be without power. Sometimes in life, the most we can do is make do. This time we can’t change what is. We can complain and be upset, but I recommend saving those responses for real problems in life.

Our best reaction is to put things in perspective, to focus on what we can do, and TRY to enjoy the change of pace. As the Bible’s Kohelet observes about life, “Whatever is in your power to do, do with all your might.”

Meanwhile, I hope we all get our electrical power back soon!

P.S. And we did. About 30 minutes after I posted this, power at the synagogue was restored. I hope everyone’s homes soon will be next.