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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

Conversation Starter

Someone has to start the conversation. After that, we can all join in. Throughout this summer, Dr. Arnold Eisen, Chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, is publishing a series of brief on-line essays about the essential nature of Conservative Judaism. You can read his thoughts and join the conversation at the JTS website.

Dr. Eisen’s goal is also mine. Enriching our lives and identities as Jews by putting forth ideas to inspire thought and engagement. As Chizuk Amuno members who connect with the vision for sacred community and celebration that is Conservative Judaism, we are part of a larger movement of values, religious purpose, and Jewish meaning.

This is not a new conversation. But, it is an important one. Each of us is responsible for articulating what we believe and what are our reasons for expressing ourselves as Jews the way we do. None of us is in this alone.

Individually, we will express answers that reflect a wide and diverse range of Jewish understandings. Collectively, we will learn from one another and find a common vocabulary. This will strengthen the bonds of our communal relationships.

Central to an authentic expression of Jewish identity is sharing Jewish vocabulary and interpretations with others. That’s why I enjoy my service on Chancellor Eisen’s Rabbinic Advisory Committee.

Gathering with a dozen or so colleagues a few times each year, we discuss and debate the issues and ideas on the agenda of the Jewish world today. Our conversations are productive because of the values and perspectives we share as Conservative Jews.

The conversation has started. This summer, join us.