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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

Watch Our Torah Writing Opening Ceremony

My favorite reaction from last Sunday’s Torah Writing Opening Ceremony is the overwhelming reaction of joy and inspiration everyone is sharing. In that celebration we did what we always intend to do when we gather as a synagogue community. We found our community’s voice in song and spirit. We came together across the generations filling the sanctuary with our excitement and wonder.

It doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, only certain individuals are touched by a particular service or celebration. Other times, larger groups of us share in the uplifting meaning or calming comfort of our time together in prayer or ceremony. But rarely do we all feel the same thing at the same time. Last Sunday all of us felt it. It was palpable. It was great!

Click on this link to view a video montage of the ceremony.

After the ceremony, individuals and families sat with the Sofer to write letters in our 140th anniversary Torah Scroll. It is my privilege and pleasure, along with Rabbi Wechsler, to visit with each person before they approach the Torah. It is an added joy to watch the emotions flow in these letter writing experiences.

If you haven’t already, please make your date to write one of the letters in our 140th anniversary Torah. Invite your extended family to join you. All it requires is a little bit of your time. Dates are available through next February. This is a special and unique mitzvah opportunity.

In our new Torah we will find inspiration as we read and study its words, as we celebrate precious moments in our lives, and as we dedicate ourselves to all that Torah represents to the Jewish people in every generation.

Last Sunday, we felt, celebrated, and wrote the beginning.