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First Blog – Then Go To Israel

A friend asked me why I haven’t posted in a while. I said that I’ve been too busy. It’s true, though it’s also an excuse. I admit that I haven’t taken the time to blog because I haven’t had anything to I wanted to say, at least in this forum.

In our culture, opinion is often confused for wisdom. Who shouts the loudest must be right. In my experience, who shouts the loudest has the weakest argument. Most of the time wisdom is a softer, calmer, deeper truth. This is what I aspire for on my blog, to share insights that reflect Jewish ethics and ideas, not merely my opinion – which I’m happy to share in conversation when I can ask for yours, as well.

I’m aware that this isn’t the norm for blogs. But, part of our mission as a synagogue community is to provide inspiration and vision.

This week, I’ll be traveling to Israel as part of the Maryland Clergy Initiative. We are a group of Baltimore area rabbis and Christian clergy brought together by the Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies and the Baltimore Jewish Council.

Over the past few months we have studied our respective religious traditions’ views about the land of Israel and some of the challenges to peace and co-existence in the State of Israel and throughout the Middle East. Our travels will take us to Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv, Ramallah and Bethlehem, as well as north through the parts of the Galilee and Golan. We’ll be meeting with political dignitaries, religious leaders, and academics.

I look forward to sharing some of what we discover and anything new I may come to understand. I’m also looking forward to being back in Israel with family and friends, and to eating a couple of shwarma!