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Peace This Year?

It’s not every week we see the Prime Minister of Israel and the President of the Palestinian Authority sit together to talk peace, though we have seen it before. Yes, most of us are skeptical about the outcome. Even so, we can’t let our cynicism or fear of peace stop us from pausing to say, “Good.”

The risks and sacrifices are real. Sadly, we also saw this last week. There are significant issues that require agreements between the parties or at least mutually acceptable compromises, including containing militant neighbors, securing borders, and achieving domestic consensus. We all know the history. We all have our opinions. Yet surely, we can agree. It is better to try for peace than to not.

In synagogue over the past seven weeks the Prophet Isaiah’s words of comfort have inspired our hopes on the eve of a New Year. “ The cry, ‘Violence’ shall no more be heard in your land.” Better days are possible. There can be peace.

Let’s enter the New Year encouraged by our hopes rather than discouraged by our doubts. We’ll respond to whatever happens. But for now, as one year gives way to the next, let’s not allow disappointments from the past to prevent our dreams for the future.