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Chizuk Amuno Congregation

High Holiday Baltimore Radio Show

High Holiday Baltimore Radio Show
Saturday Night
September 11, 2010
9 p.m.

This past Sunday Herb Dimmock and I were interviewed on WBJC regarding the upcoming 50th Anniversary of our glorious Chizuk Amuno Sanctuary. Jonathan Palevsky, live on the radio, wanted to know how many previous incarnations Chizuk Amuno went through. We thought of Lloyd Street, McColluh Street, and then Eutow Place before settling in at Stevenson Road.

We were wishing that Jan Schein, our wise and knowledgeable historian was sitting next to us to ask her if the Green Synagogue counted too.

If you get a chance tune into the Annual High Holiday show on WBJC this Saturday Night at 9 p.m., on 91.5FM.

It is an honor for the clergy to pray on behalf of each of you each year for good health, happiness and fulfillment.

Our prayers go out to those of you who are experiencing health issues.

We also remember with reverence the precious souls of our congregation who have been taken back to HaShem this past year.

The following is the show from two years ago… featuring Herb Dimmock, Jeremy Swerling, and me.

Click Here: WBJC Interview, Saturday, October 4, 2008

Shanah Tovah!